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wavetec Radar Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is looking for you as sales representative to distribute speed displays, traffic counter and detectors using radar technology.


wavetec Radar Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Karlstraße 10, D-42697 Solingen, is a german company, who is developing, producing and distributing radar technology in traffic engineering for road safety for more than 10 years now. Our high quality standards guarantee a certain long-term application of the devices.

wavetec is looking for a sales representative in the french, italian and spanish market. It would be very apropriate if the applicant is a sales represantive for many companies and has experience in distributing technical products in the field of traffic engineering or in similar products for the local sector. The salary is paid on commission basis. German or English language skills are required.

Range of products:

- radar speed displays
- radar traffic counters
- radar detectors and traffic light control

Clients and customers:

- contracting entity, councils, public authorities, institutions
- road patrols and road safety organizations
- industrial areas and companies (speed displays for premises)

Distribution areas:


If you have any more questions or a concrete interest feel free to contact us!



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Certified by regular Quality Management Verifications

Aside of our further development we allow independent examinors to regularly inspect our company's quality management. Our high quality and your trust is very important to us. That is why we get always independently verified with best results.

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Our main characteristics...


flexibility: You have your individual vision of your product. We think this is great and with wavetec you found open minds, precise hands and a huge amount of possibilities to turn your vision into reality. / Profession: You can count on us! Functionality, efficiency and constant further development of our product solutions is and was everytime our highest priority, to offer you highest profession you can expect in radar technologies. / communication: Tell us about your vision. we love to listen to your ideas not just to find the perfect solution for you, but to evolve, to grow and to give new innovative ideas the chance to unfold. / experience: We grow constantly since 1996. With our philosophy  of communication, exchanging visions and a constant further development we collect countless experiences. Those experiences are now your benefit!